We manage global investigations into companies and individuals, on behalf of our corporate and private clients. Our intelligence gathering is designed to support investment due diligence, KYC/AML checks, litigation, and executive hiring.

We recognise that our clients are facing new and complex challenges in effectively carrying out due diligence.

Regulatory requirements have radically increased in recent years with punitive fines being levelled against firms by regulators. Skardon can help protect your firms bottom line - from both a regulatory and a reputational standpoint - by acquiring detailed and extensive intelligence on which to base your decision making.

While regulatory requirements have drastically increased, it has become harder to carry out rigorous Anti-Money Laundering/Terrorist Financing [AML/TF] checks as, in a world of cryptocurrencies and decentralised banking - classical placement, layering and integration has become irrelevant. We employ a variety of contemporary techniques drawing on our in-house forensic accountants and cyber experts to identify Ultimate Beneficial Ownership [UBO] and the involvement of any Politically Exposed Persons [PEP].