Skardon will draw on individuals from the Special Forces, who work alongside our cyber experts who have experience in tackling crises on a global scale, in some of the worlds most challenging geographies. Skardon brings decades of combined operational experience to bear to extract personnel, respond to kidnapping and extortion demands, and to protect critical assets.

Our dynamic solutions are tailored to both individuals and corporations – allowing you to safeguard your employees, assets and reputation.

Skardon offers strategic contingency planning services, establishing a plan of action to secure staff, assets and information should a critical event occur. In high risk geographies, this is often used in conjunction with our crisis management solution: putting a plan in place to extract employees who might be at risk, potentially saving lives and fulfilling your firm’s duty of care.

Our strategic contingency planning solutions also cover supposedly low-risk global centres that are at risk of terror attacks. Recent months have demonstrated that tragic attacks can occur in seemingly low-risk metropolitan centres — making detailed planning to safeguard staff, assets, and operational capacity essential.