True privacy is very hard to come by - we advise clients on how to maximise their privacy, physically and digitally: we believe them to be inextricably linked. We offer bespoke privacy packages, with a particular focus on younger family members.

  • Social Media Training: with a particular emphasis on younger family members, we train our private clients to recognise threats to their privacy and to employ cybersecurity best-practices.

  • Online Reputation Management: Skardon has developed tools to allow private individuals to exert greater control over the proliferation of their information online. We do not attempt to replicate the work of a PR firm – instead we focus on actively combating misinformation, defamation, copyright infringement, and guiding online information flows.

  • Physical Privacy: Skardon works to ensure our private clients and their families maintain the privacy to which they are entitled. We create solutions to deal with press intrusion and providing counter-surveillance teams to ensure privacy at home and whilst travelling.