Skardon provides secure communication platforms for our clients smart devices. We use AES256 (Advanced Encryption Standard) for file transfers, and for voice calling we use ZRTP (Zimmerman Real-Time Transport Protocol), end-to -end encryption for VoIP calls, ensuring complete privacy whilst communicating.

Our secure communication platform has been specifically tailored for clients who understand the need to communicate securely, but that also need a platform that integrates seamlessly with their existing IT infrastructure. Other platforms that are informally adopted without any concern for configuration, whether they are automatically backed up to third party cloud services or not, may compromise existing internal policies and introduce security risks.

This platform has been designed to work alongside compliance departments, taking into account the rapidly evolving challenges that compliance teams face. We understand the need for particular controls over networks, however we also understand the need to protect an organisations assets, commercial relationships and IP.

Skardon does not retain any data or information on our clients - we quite simply provide the engine that enables your own mobile communications. The client controls the data, meta data, the logs and the permissions of users within their organisation.